1. Customize IT

After selecting the product you want to customize, click the CUSTOMIZE button.  If you want to add it to your cart you may do so but in your cart you will have to click on the product again and Customize before purchasing.

2. Select IT

When the Template loads, the different templates, called sides are located at the bottom of the screen. On mobile devices, you must unselect any uploaded photo for the button labeled "side" to show, it will be located at the bottom of the screen.

Upload IT

To upload a picture or clipart, click on the task bar to the right.  you can choose photos from your device, facebook, or Instagram.  It will load in the center of the template after a few seconds.  The photo will be outlined in grey dotted lines showing that it is selected.  All unselected photos will show a blue outline.

4. Size IT

To adjust the size of the photo, drag the little box with the twin arrows on it located at the bottom right hand corner of the photo. If the photo is too large, the box moves off the template, move the photo up until you see the icon reappear.

5. Move IT

To move the photo, select the photo you want to move, and drag the icon with four arrows on it to the desired position.

6. Layer IT

The Layer icon is located at the bottom edge of the task bar. On mobile devices it will only appear at the bottom after the photo is selected. After selecting a photo you can "Bring Forward," or "Send backward."

7. Text IT

To insert text onto your Photos select the "A" icon on the edge of the task bar. On mobile devices, it will appear at the bottom if the photo is unselected.

8. Complete IT

After completing a side, select the next template and repeat the custom process in steps 2-7 until all the sides are complete. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK THAT ALL SIDES ARE COMPLETE,  once you check out you cannot go back and edit project.

9. Buy IT

After you have completed all of the templates, click on "Add to Cart." If you have multiple items in your cart then select each item and ensure you have customized them before checking out. After you are done personalizing each item, you MUST REMOVE any original item duplicates in the cart, leaving only the customized version.

10. Enjoy IT